美術作家 柳 健司

“kenakian” is a projects-space run by artist, Kenji Yanagi in Saga, Japan. kenakian works with his belief that the arts opens up a new enriched society. We invite domestic and foreign artists, and approach a variety of issues of our time through artist’s residence, production, exhibition, and dissemination. We also aim to be a “place for exchange”, where people can have witty conversations and discussions with a local and global perspective.

Saga is located in the Kyushu region, about 900 km from Tokyo. There are many important heritage such as archaeological sites and excavated items here. In the city of Saga, there are the Nagasaki Highway (called “Sugar Road”) which is registered as a Japanese cultural heritage, and canals that used to have multiple functions once exist and so on. The Saga domain led the modernization of Japan from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji era. At that time, Saga city prospered as a castle town, and is now the economic and administrative center of Saga prefecture, with about 230,000 inhabitants.